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SPORTY SUNGLASSES TO GO! Fold'em into spare-tire case, and take off. They stay smudge-free and clean in car, beach bag or pocket. Racing design great for men and women on the move. Lightweight black plastic frame folds with 5 precision hinges. Shatter-resistant, smoke-tinted lenses filter sun's rays. 3½x1¾" plastic case "pops" open with
a squeeze. Our exclusive
import from Italy.
8991 Folding


with our 16' dragon kite. Brilliant red, green, purple and yellow -- spectacular as you make it soar and dive. Sky-worthy 100% nylon, seams and edges piped to prevent tearing in stiffest winds. Sturdy wood and plastic frame flexes to resist stress. Assembles and stores easily. 16½" at widest, with 180' of twine on plastic handle. Our exclusive.
Dragon Kite

INSTANT BACKYARD RESORT!  Pool, beach ball and swim ring -- plus a handy foot pump to inflate them in minutes! A no-fuss way to make a splash with the kids, keep'em cool and content all summer. 48x12" pool with sturdy 3-ring wall; big 16" ball and 20" ring -- all made of tough, heavy-duty 8-guage vinyl, in colorful stripes. Quick and compact storage, no bulky frames. Plastic foot pump is 5" across; 16" hose. 8467 Pool Set  $10.98
Lillian Vernon Samples
Tune in to a little nostalgia with this authentic 1940’s console radio reproduction. Vintage rotary knobs, lighted scale dial, walnut veneer cabinet – but the first-rate AM/FM radio inside is strictly modern, with auto FM frequency control, and dynamic speaker. 15x11x5¾”. G900117, $79.95
It’s a stroke of genius! Now cleaning blinds is fast and easy – 4 specially designed polyurethane sponges clean 2 slats at once on BOTH sides! Use wet or dry, works on thin designer blinds, too. Plastic handle, 8½” long. G910760, $6.95
Hollywood glamor time! Let a sultry startlet give you the time of day. 1950’s nostalgia mixes with art deco flair in this dramatic original. 9” tall ceramic sculpture is delicately hand-painted. Precision quartz alarm clock includes battery.
G911656, $39.95
Unmistakably Art Deco – from the classic Tiffany-style pyramid shade to the elegantly furled flask base. Hand-soldered stained glass is pink and gray; hand-cast base has lustrous pewter finish. U.S.-made, 18” high, shade 14” wide. G910760, $69.95
Tapestry samples
Mature Wisdom samples
Pick up more
and stoop less!
These giant yard scoops are real work savers ... back savers, too! Carl says he picks up leaves and yard debris in half the time -- without tiring himself out. They're a big 14" across, made
of rugged, rigid polyethylene vinyl that's lightweight and won't rust or crack.
Yard Scoops,
G858493, $11.95
No more stretching or bending for mail --
even from the car! Mister Mail Caddy delivers your mail one step closer: right into your hands! Just open your box and pull the tab. No groping for mail in the back, no bending to peer in, no strainful stretches from your car: you don't even have to get out in bad weather! Sturdy weatherproof plastic, snaps right into place without tools.
Mail Caddy,
G4433454, $9.95
This is the first cart I've seen with ALL FOUR of my "must have" features!
First, it has 4 wheels instead of 2, so it can roll without tilting -- very helpful with heavy loads. Second, it has big front wheels that make stairs and curbs a breeze. Third, it's extra roomy and strong for big loads -- groceries, laundary, even trash. And fourth, it folds with ease for storage, or when you need to enter a bus, or elevator.
Cart, G585488, $27.99
Old Village Shope catalog samples

Silly salutes to your favorite curmudgeons -- great fun at picnics and family outings! Cool nylon mesh, padded polyester front and visor, lightweight, comfortable.  Adjustable rear strap, one size fits all.
"Old Fart," J494848;
"Fart's Wife," J585938;
"Retired," J475839;
$3.99 each

contact: Don Aurrichio, President
               Marketpoint Corporation
This minI-Grecian robe ensemble is sure to launch a thousand complements! Classic side-draped tunic is trimmed with gold-braided sequins, includes braided gold robe sash, sequinned headband and g-string. Washable Antron nylon, made in U.S.A. Specifiy White or Black, sizes S(8-10), M(12-14), L(16-18). J593843, $24.99
AUTOMATIC CARD SHUFFLER is fast and fun. So easy, even kids don't get lost in the shuffle! Just turn the crank for a neat, thorough shuffle and let the games go on. For poker, bridge and blackjack, handles up to 3 decks at once. Made of sturdy steel. A must for your next card party.
J583959, $9.99
test tube
Moses gets credit
for parting the Red Sea; 
Joshua for bringing down
the Walls of Jerricho.  Even
the 1980 U.S. Hockey team gets credit for a miracle! 
But catalog copywriters don’t get much credit for anything, miracles or otherwise.  Merchandisers and art directors are the stars of the catalog world.  Copywriters?  They just provide those perfunctory little blurbs next to the item's picture!  But consider what a catalog writer actually DOES, 10 times a day:  Before typing a word, he carefully analyzes an item:  What’s different about it? … Who may purchase it? … What features are important to THEM? … What questions in THEIR minds must be answered before they will order it?  He decides which details are most compelling and which to discard.  Then, he mixes them all together, adds a few drops of creativity, and, PRESTO!:  Out pours effective salesmanship in the unique style of the catalog, precisely measured to fit a thimble-sized volume!  Now I ask you, is THAT a miracle, or what? Well, I am no philosopher, so I can't answer this question.  I am, however, an experienced catalog copywriter, and I can offer some samples to help you answer it for yourself.
Miracle Workers?
The display panels at right do not represent actual catalog pages as originally printed.  Instead, to save space and feature my own work, individual item/copy pairs were excerpted from their pages and re-assembled here for presentation.