Marketpoint's success is no accident. We have a secret: Like other top performers (certain home run hitters and cyclists, for instance), we cheat. That's right, we admit it ... we CHEAT!

But, no, we don’t take illegal substances. We have something BETTER: an all-knowing, all-seeing, wise and wonderful wizard ... a kind of Wizard of ADS! “All-knowing?” ... “All-seeing?” Well, that may be a bit of an overstatement. Let's just say he's not totally full of it, and he recently got a new pair of glasses. But he does come from a long line of illustrious wizards. In fact, he assures us he’s a direct descendant of the Shell Answer Man! And over the years, whenever we've needed a really BIG idea, he’s been a whiz if there ever was a wiz who was!

But now the truth is out, and we know it's not fair to keep the Wiz all to ourselves any longer. That’s why we'll let you ask him a question yourself. Just fill in the form below. You may want to know what’s in the stars, what the future holds, or maybe you just need a very good alibi. Then again, you could ask about direct response advertising ... circulation ... sweepstakes ... web design ... boosting magazine newsstand sales. The Wizard’s scope is limited only by your question! And his answer just might do a little magic!

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Contact: Don Aurrichio, President  Marketpoint Corporation
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