Don Aurrichio, President
Marketpoint Corporation

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briefcase Time experience Muir Conrelius Moore experience Advantage experience Lillian Vernon experience Leavitt Advertising experience

Lillian Vernon Corporation
Mount Vernon, New York

  • wrote copy for nationally known mail order catalog
  • wrote space advertising for various household and novelty items, and ads to promote the catalog itself

Copywriter/Marketing Manager
Advantage Associates Inc.
New York, New York

  • wrote sales letters, brochures and collateral for the B2B market
  • developed new concepts and terminology to promote the media bartering business
  • assisted in the development of marketing strategies
  • participated in client contact and sales presentations

1986 to 1990
Assistant Director of Promotion (promoted from Copy Manager)
Time Incorporated
New York, New York

  • managed workflow for direct mail testing on 8 major magazines
  • supervised a regular staff of 4 copywriters
  • developed and maintained a flexible staff of freelance copywriters to handle peak creative testing and production cycles
  • managed relations and communications with various other circulation departments, including marketing, law, art and production
  • wrote copy for all phases of circulation promotion

Muir Cornelius Moore
New York, New York

  • wrote space ads and collateral for high-tech B2B clients
  • participated in advertising stretegy sessions, client meetings and creative presentations

Copy Supervisor (promoted from copywriter)
Leavitt Advertising, Division of Horn & Hardart
New York, New York

  • supervised a staff of 8 copywriters on 10 different mail order catalogs
  • tracked schedules and work progress to help meet deadlines
  • wrote and edited catalog copy for a wide range of consumer merchandise -- novelties, gifts, housewares, gardening and fashion
about Marketpoint Corporation

After a career as a staff copywriter [click the "travel" stickers at right for details], I incorporated as Marketpoint in 1990 to engage in freelance copywriting and advertising consulting.  In all, I have a broad range of experience in direct response advertising, and in direct mail advertising in particular.  I am best known for the highly successful sweepstakes mailings I have created over the years.

I have had dozens of control packages, many of which were never beaten by any other creative resource.  On Time Magazine, for instance, I had 5 consecutive control packages over a 10 year period.  On Family Circle Magazine, I had an even longer series of unbeaten controls. I have had multiple controls on a number of other titles as well, including Sports Illustrated, Playboy, People, Bottom Line Personal, McCall’s, Southern Living, Automobile, Cooking Light, and others.  Over a period of years, I was one of the most widely mailed independent copywriters in the United States, with mail quantities totalling in the hundreds of millions.

I am expert in all aspects of circulation promotion – whether sweeps driven, edit driven, or offer driven, whether in new business, renewals, or billing.  I have also created successful promotions for book clubs, continuities, consumer products, and have considerable experience as a catalog/merchandise copywriter and in the business-to-business environment.  In addition, I have worked with numerous editors to show how direct response advertising concepts can be applied to magazine covers to achieve significant increases in newsstand sales.

                                                                                                                           -- Don Aurrichio

partial client list
  • Time Warner Inc.
  • News Corporation
  • Playboy
  • Hearst Magazines
  • Times Mirror
  • New York Times
  • Reader's Digest
  • Yves Rochet
  • Boardroom Reports/Bottom Line
  • Southern Progress Corporation
  • Meredeth Publishing
  • Rodale Publishing
  • Bantam Doubleday Dell
  • Forbes
  • Ziff-Davis
  • Gruner & Jahr