A wink... a rose...
a pawn ... a key ...

Little things mean a lot, don't they? It's true in life, and it's true in advertising.

It may be printed on a small piece of paper; it may occupy a tiny space; but it can still make a big splash. A client may not have a big budget, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve big-time attention. (You know what they say about acorns, don't you?)

Here at Marketpoint, we make a big thing out EVERYTHING we do. It's fundamental with us, a matter of good form, a principle of good business stewardship. Because when you think about it, what IS a big project anyway? Just a lot of little ones all sewn together. And sometimes, the biggest projects of all, the most crucial campaigns, the great ventures of vast enterprises, can be undone by a simple failure to give just one little thing the attention it deserves.

So here, with pride and a flourish, are a few of the smaller pieces I have done.
Two Lillian Vernon 2x2"Catalog Ads
catalog ad one catalog ad 2
Playboy Magazine Anniversary Flier
Playboy flier
3x5" Panda Package Insert for Lillian Vernon Corporation
Panda insert
McCall's Magazine 4.25x6" Double Postcard Sweepstakes
postcard sweepstakes
Playboy Magazine 5x7" Gift Donor Insert Card
Playboy gift insert
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